Sunday, January 22, 2012

Exciting elections

Today was the first round of the Finnish president election. For me this meant a visit to the Finnish Embassy in Den Hague in order to fulfill my civic duty.

For some reason (maybe the people were exhausted for the additional day of working?) the service was, well.. very Finnish. I also made the mistake of doing some chitchat, which was not very welcomed :) However I got the answer I was looking for - the tiny piece of paper I scribbled my number to was sent to Finland (maybe some special mail, not PostNL?) and added to the voting area where I previously lived (Helsinki).

As the voting result just was published, it seems that I get to visit Den Hague for the second time next weekend. The two candidates who made it to the second round are from the Right Party and the Green Party, so historical result for the previously social-democrat Finland.

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