Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dutch cities - Middelburg

I am starting to gradually believe the sentence I have heard multiple times - that there's much more than Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Last weekend I was taken to a surprise visit to Zeeland (bte New Zealand's name comes from this province, so I guess it is the Old Zealand). It was amazingly beautiful there. We stayed the night in Middelburg, which is a very old city and the capital of province Zeeland. We were also lucky with extremely beautiful spring weather. Below few pictures from our one night getaway.

Houseboats on the river
Bakery in the shopping street, and next to that cheese/winestore. The trio is made complete by a chocolate store.
Central square of Middelburg
Lots of ships ready to set their sails to the ocean
Windmills on the coast
On our way back to Bunnik we stopped on many islands and beaches
Our hotel was small and symphatetic near the railway station
In the summer these beaches are going to be bit more crowded...
.. But there were still few others, like this woman riding with a horse in the ocean.
During the getaway we also enjoyed the Dutch cuisine as well as neverending beer selection.. ;)


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