Sunday, August 5, 2012


Today while the Dutch guy went to enjoy a biking race called "Hell of Heuvelrug" (which would be enough to keep me away at least), I decided to continue with some gardening work since the weather was also perfect.

Our garden is somewhere between Babylon's hanging gardens and a wild meadow, to which we every now and then try to do something to keep it completely taking over the house. Since every Dutch home seems to have a perfectly maintained garden, we are a happy exception of that. The amazing thing with the other gardens is, that you rarely see anyone actually doing garden work. I've yet to find out the secrets of Dutch gardening. Netherlands is also the only place where I've seen those geometrical shapes in trees, that I thought were mainly only in Donal Duck.

The stones ARE actually there! (notice the big pile of green stuff in the lower left corner)
After some time I was able to get our patio visible again and create my own blogging corner there. As a result of this heavy gardening during past days we've got few regulars hanging out here as well. One brown and one black bird, who are enjoying the nice and fresh worms that we have exposed while turning everything upside down and a cat that looks exactly like Garfield. He definitely enjoys chilling out in our relatively relaxed and wild garden. Maybe it is the only place where he can dream of being a lion in the savannah, following the prey while being half hidden in the lawn/meadow.

Is there any way to save these..?


This looked really nice in the garden store. We try to keep it looking nice.

Apparently it is really bad apple year throughout the country, not just in our tree. However there's at least three apples!

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