Tuesday, February 26, 2013


An excerpt of a discussion one evening

Me: "I think I should finally get a library card"
Dutch: "Why do you need that?"
Me: "Well, they probably also have some English books there and it would be nice to check the selection and save some money when borrowing books instead of buying them".
Dutch: "Well you should see, which will be actually cheaper"
Me: "What??? Library is not FREE??"
Dutch: "What?? You have a FREE library in Finland?!"

So it turns out, that there is a yearly membership fee for the libraries. While it is around 50 euro's, it's the thought of having to pay that has yet prevented me to get the library card in the Netherlands.


  1. I had this same thought when I first moved here. It is free in the States, but as someone who just renewed her dutch library card, I still think it is worth it. The Utrecht library has a pretty decent English selection. I also like that I have a branch 2 minutes from my house and I can have books sent there. Plus, they have series and blu-rays for when I just don't feel like downloading them. Oh, and if you are trying to learn Dutch, they have some great resources.

  2. Thanks Kaitlin! It sounds like I really need to get one for me as well. Maybe I should also try reading the book club books in dutch.. what a scary thought :)