Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ik ben geslaagd!

Two days ago I got the best news for a long time. I passed the dutch exam, all four parts of it! :) I had all kinds of nightmares that I need to do especially the speaking part over and over again. With enrolling that must happen 6 weeks in advance, and 5 weeks of waiting the results, it would have been rather long process.

Since I did the exams on two separate days, I get a certifiace from each part. To get the diploma, I need to send the certifiactes back to DUO (the equivalent of KELA) and then wait for four weeks to get the diploma.. handy :)
What it took to get here?
- one dutch course at the Volksuniversiteit (A1, A2)
- one dutch course at Babel institute (B1)
- private lessons for preparing for the exam (B2)
- 593 days of living in the Netherlands
- lots of frustration but also moments of actually "getting it"

Here are the flowers received from my almost-parents-in-law.
First things first, after celebrations both in Finland since I happened to be there and in the Netherlands, I immediately put on sale my training material for the exams. The sooner I get rid of them, the better :-)

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