Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Help, mijn vrouw is klusser!

In the dutch TV is a program about DIY-men (Help, mijn man is klusser!), who start lot of projects in the house without finishing them. Then the wives and the kids get a chance to tell to the whole Netherlands (and Vlamisch Belgium) how difficult they have it and how the kids feet get cold when they wake up in the morning as there's no floor and how it's dangerous with all the electric cables hanging here and there.

I have showed extreme DIY skills this week and also finished my projects! First of all, I replaced our doorbell with a new wireless gadget, that makes an extremely loud sound. Second of all, I replaced our school-type-whiteboard in the hall with handy magnetic/chalkboard sticker thingies.

In addition that I know now where our tools are, how they look like and even how some of them work, I have also become a steady customer at our DIY store. 

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  1. Sinut on haastettu :)