Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Politeness to the max

Taking a bus in Helsinki does not require any verbal communication - not with the driver and definitely not with the other passengers. If you happen to feel exceptionally happy and you say "Good morning!" to the driver, he probably just stares back at you without saying anything or completely ignores you. And if make the mistake to talk with the other passengers - well, then you are either drunk or in need of some medical assistance. This is where I have grown.

I took a bus instead of the train from Utrecht station for a change. I stepped in, showed my OV chipkaart and found a place to sit. Things were going smooth. At the next bus station people came in and they all greeted the driver. I was amazed as the thought of doing that hadn't even crossed my mind. My low point was achieved, when a 14-year old boy with too big clothes listening to music stepped in, took his speakers off and loud and clear said "Goeddemiddag" to the driver.

Now everybody (= the bus with 10 people) thinks I'm the RUDEST person in the whole of Utrecht! 

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  1. Well, here in Espoo we say "Good Morning" to the driver.. What's wrong with you??!!!! :)