Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I somehow got myself convinced that it would be a good idea to participate to a half marathon. Without more than few months training. Without good solid base of running experience.

The program I am following can be found here.

Oh, and I needed to skip the first week as there was no time for it since the event is so close-by :-D While there's a big chance I won't be able to finish the program, it has brought few nice things

1) the desire to actually go running and not seeing a 6km run anymore as something completely impossible
2) the broadening of my surroundings here, as I've needed to map out good running routes. I actually get to know the place where I'm living in geographical sense!

If the half marathon remains as an utopia, at least I'm well prepared for our town's running competition Bunnik's Mooiste (the most beautiful of Bunnik) that consists of 6 or 12 km legs. 

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