Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wet hair problems

Hairdresser is one of those things that you'd rather import to your new home country. I've been now twice at the hairdresser in the Netherlands, but whenever given the chance I still visit my "old" one in Finland.

I just had a discussion with another Finnish girl where she asked whether I've also had the wet treatment. It means, that after the cutting/dying/etc is done they don't blow dry unless you pay extra and ask for it. And if you don't know this, and they happen to ask whether you want to have it dried, you say with a dumbstruck look "of course!" and see the min +10 euro extra added to your bill. Apparently it is normal here that you just walk out of the hairdresser with your wet hair. We ended up thinking it must be because the frugal dutch cannot see the benefit of paying extra for the finishing touch. For me the blow dry is like the best part after letting somebody else wash your hair!

I've also seen multiple occasions where women arrive to work in the morning with still wet hair. I've yet to find a Finnish consultancy company where that'd happen :-)

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