Monday, July 1, 2013

Beautiful Helsinki

Helsinki has showed it's beautiful side (as it always seems to do nowadays when visiting, strange? ;-) and the week has been filled with midsummer, rock, family, friends and good weather. Here are some pearls from the archives.

I almost melted while sitting in the garden!

Punch, made by a person who doesn't drink

Midsummer crabs

Floating sauna
Lawn mowing

Even one work related meeting was fitted in to the busy holiday schedule.. :P

Rock the Beach, still starting up

Rock the beach - 3 days ticket!

Bare footed listening

Life guard performing his duties

My dad's t-shirt

Old hoods
Cider & beer, 6 eur per glass. I'm getting too dutch for the prices

Sun setting over Helsinki

30 secs to Mars

Helsinki Pride

Peas! Fresh peas! The dutch don't know anything about this delicacy

Lunch back in the NL, some bitter lemon was needed after this week..

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