Thursday, July 11, 2013


I finally got a good reason to do some baking without having to worry about who will eat the ready made products. Today is the Dutch guys birthday, so as a good Dutch worker he needs to have something to serve to his colleagues, so instead of going with the ready made taartjes I opted to bake something.

As following the Finnish recipes requires quite some imagination in finding all the ingredients at the supermarket, I opted for Albert Heijn (the local food chain) recipes. And that was actually really handy, as all the ingredients can be found with a picture and packing size without the need to decypher what rahka now actually is and why isn't there any chocolate flavoured cream available.

Melted chocolate.. mmm!

Digestive cookies are also here Digestive cookies, but Marie-cookies are Maria-cookies
It got a bit too brown but the taste didn't suffer too much
Marie-cookie lime cake

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  1. We here in Finland are looking forward to your visit back home - with your fresh baking skills. We are happy to welcome any Dutch cake recipe if they taste as delicious as they look!