Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tour de Zeist

It's again the time of the year when all the Dutch cycling enthusiasts are glued to the TV (I have one at home also..). Instead of watching Tour de France, we had our own tour today - Tour de Zeist. It consisted of five hours, five restaurants, five portions and glasses of wine and roughly 10 km of cycling. Absolutely excellent way of getting to know the near-by restaurants! I'm sure we add at least few of them to our regular list. And hope of course that this event will be organised also next year!
Our ticket
Really dutch and brilliant - bakfiets to transport your kids/dogs/stuff!
First stop, and definitely in the top 2
I could already see myself lounging there with a mojito..
The restaurants herb garden - I took the photo as a guideline for the Dutch guy to build me one :P
He still doesn't know about the building plans and therefore looks happy.. 

Vitello Tonnato
Salade Caprese
Something with witlof

Indonesian restaurant - reeeeeallly good!!
And these chairs went to our shopping list..
.. even though they are a bit difficult to get up from
Biking after three meals and three glasses of wine, going steady..
.. no problem what so ever ..
.. maybe the photographer had one too many?
Second to last restaurant - there we got some water too!

Wine vines

Salmon with homemade chips
And in the last etappe we got still a fish plate - luckily to share

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  1. Mahtava idea ja niin herkullisen näköistä sapuskaa! Täälä ei aja fillarilla ku hullut ja itsetuhoiset :)